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Article: Coffee Brewing Recipes by Round Boy Roasters

Coffee Brewing Recipes by Round Boy Roasters

Coffee Brewing Recipes by Round Boy Roasters

As coffee lovers, we find joy in experimenting and exploring the various brew methods that can be done at home. At the end of the day, we all just want to enjoy a nice cuppa coffee. 

Hence, we got the great guys from Round Boy Roasters, to share the coffee recipe for 5 different brewing methods, which you can follow easily if you are unsure of what you can do.

1. Espresso
Ratio: 20g in, 40ml out. 1:2
Grind Size: Fine 
Water Temperature: 90-92°C 

2. Pour Over or Drip
Ratio: 15g in, 225ml out. 1:15
Grind Size: Medium
Water Temperature: 
Split your pour into 3 equal parts and don't flood the brewer

3. Aeropress
Method: Inverted-method
Coffee: 30g in
Grind Size: Medium-fine
Water Temperature: 92-96°C
Protip: Pour 120ml water first, stir 20 times, squeeze out water, dilute with 100ml of water

4. Cold Brew
Ratio: 100g in, 1000ml out. 1:10
Grind Size: Coarse
Water Temperature: 
Room temperature 
Sit 24-48 hours at room temperature. Use a paper filter (or a nut milk bag) to filter out the grinds

5. Mokka Pot
CoffeeFill the basket ¾, knock to settle, but don't tamp
Grind Size: Medium-fine
Protip: Heat pot until coffee beings to come out, immediately stop the heat at that point. The pressure that is already built up, will push the coffee out. You don't have to get every ounce of liquid out, or else, it'll burn and it will taste bad

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