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Article: Mille - The Black Bib you must have

Mille - The Black Bib you must have

Mille - The Black Bib you must have

You’ve been riding for awhile and feel relatively competent on the bike. Feeling it’s time to upgrade your bib but unsure of what to start with. The magnitude of brands and offerings can be confusing at times. What makes one brand different from another, what’s the difference between this bib and that? Which should I start with? To simplify the process I am recommending the Assos Mille bibshorts and why.

Why Assos?

Even if I disregard their long history with cycling apparels (about 40 years), I cannot ignore their expertise and obsession with the cycling apparel, bibs specifically. Imagine a group of engineers nerds in a round table fussing over every single detail in a piece clothing that you casually put on before every ride. Now imagine every one of those engineers are cyclists too. No all are pros. Many are cyclists like you and me, so they understand the pain of trying to fit a pear shape body into tight Lycra. The focus of their entire energy lies in the development and refinement of apparel. Nothing gets produced that won’t elevate your riding performance to another level.

ASSOS Black T.Mille S7 Men's Biib :

So why Mille?

Value for Money

At S$210 it is the cheapest Assos bibshorts you can get. But it doesn’t mean you are getting bad lousy stuff. You are still getting high quality material and workmanship at reasonable price. Simply put. It’s getting top end Assos tech at reasonable price. It’s a entrance to what Assos can offer at a basic level. This is the minimal level bib Assos feels every bib should be. Soft to the touch with an expensive feel



Assos is made for normal cafe riders too. Not everything is about pro and not all of us can fit into a pro kit. Assos takes that extra baggage we carry into consideration during the design. Just observed how the straps are positioned to produced a more accommodating fit. In additional they employ Type.429 Titanio, a textile, engineered with expertise that uses a 4-way stretch to maximise the elasticity of the fabric


Key to the comfort of the shorts is the purple padded insert. It's one of the best on the market. The T.Mille features a revolutionary 8mm of memory foam insert offering a deft balance of performance and comfort. On top of the memory foam is the ASSOS Waffle, an unique three-layer foam used in our inserts with perforations that make it light and highly breathable. All these supporting pad are stitched to the bibshorst only at the front and back via their 'goldenGate' construction, that leaves the midsection to move independently of the shorts.



The 4-way stretch fabric supports your body with optimal compression, and each of the panel used in the construction of the bibshorts are cut in such a way that it is exact in every area without putting any excessive pressure on you. The hard-wearing Type.429 Titanio fabric has also proved to withstand hundred of miles on the bike and countless machines washes.


Long Distance Mileage

It's ready to go any mileage you can pedal. You will definitely notice how the ' goldenGate' technology allows for more freedom of movement and eliminate friction and chafing. This is especially evident over longer rides. This entry-level bib is one that will push you to ride it to the max and almost forget the mileage ahead.


For many, $210 is a lot to spend on a pair of shorts, but if you want to invest in your cycling wardrobe and if you have some long rides coming up, you know you really cannot go wrong with the Mille bibshorts.


Drop by either of my shops (Midview City or OUE Downtown Gallery) or dealers, OneBike Asia( and Loue Bicycles ( to speak to any of our product specialists. Alternatively you can get your pair of Mille Bibshorts at our online store here:



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