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      Velobici - Modernist by Scott Mitchell

      Velobici - Modernist by Scott Mitchell


      Vélobici for me is akin to a cool British indie band, a bit like the Arctic Monkeys before they all got s**** haircuts!

      From the very first conversation with Chris I knew we shared similar values and a commitment to doing things the right way. It’s the attention to detail, never cutting corners on style or quality. 

      My grandad was a bespoke tailor and he always said ‘it’s about the cut and the cloth’ values that I see in Véobici’s approach. The designs are contemporary with a nod to the classic, they don’t go out of fashion. They don’t do bullshit either, it’s real from the heart and stays true to it’s original.

      When I was asked to design a kit in collaboration with VB I knew I wanted it clean and sharp but I also to follow the design ethos and retain the classic VB logo. I obviously wanted it to reflect my Modernist influences including pop art and the colours were a considered personal choice, I like black kits but its a bit boring all the time. We tried several versions of the roundel coming up with a really clever solution to the weight issue on a lightweight cloth. The extra long ‘short’ sleeves are inspired by Romain Bardet and the race cut influenced by Mark Cavendish. Like a custom three button mohair suit, you will feel special in the Modernist kit.  It’s something I’m really proud of and it’s an honour to put my name to this kit along side my friends at Vélobici. 

      And just like the Arctic Monkeys, you’ve got to Rock to Roll.