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Imperfect perfection

Top quality calf leather is not flawless. Like all premium leather, subtle markings caused by healed nicks and cuts that occur during the lifetime of the animal is natural. These natural markings give each item characteristics which over time, form a beautiful yet personalised patina.

In the event that your item gets into contact with water, allow them to air dry, avoiding contact with direct heat sources, such as heaters, hairdryers or direct sunlight.

Calf leather are known for their durability and smooth texture, although dirt can make these soft surfaces crack. Clean your pouch on a regular basis by removing debris with a soft cloth. To remove thicker grime, such as mud or clay, use a slightly dampened cloth.

For maintenance, apply thin coats of leather conditioner such as beeswax every few months to help retain moisture and prevent cracking. If the pouch is damp, allow to air dry completely before conditioning.