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At Velo Velo, we are always in search of the next best thing to bring to you guys. As a start, we have been looking at expanding our range of lifestyle products, beyond just cycling apparel. Therefore we are always on the lookout for something new and exciting that we can offer.

It has been a crazy year thus far, due to the pandemic. Hence, instead of looking out too far, we at Velo Velo decided to look somewhere closer to our hearts which we call ‘Home’. As a small local business, we understand the many difficulties and challenges that others might be facing. Therefore, we wanted to work with another local business to help support and help a brother in crime (not literally of cos!).

Velo Exclusive Coffee Beans
5 Brew Guides

We, therefore, set off in our exploration to go and try to support other local businesses. Introducing Round Boy Roasters, a local boutique coffee roastery. They are four friends with varied backgrounds, coming together because of their love for coffee, deciding to take the plunge, and share their love with all of their caffeine friends.

Why coffee? Cycling and coffee always come together as old as the sports itself, and almost all the cyclists we know, are coffee lovers/enthusiasts (almost part of our DNA), it not only helps kickstart the morning but is also a form of relaxation and bonding after rides with friends.

Naturally, when we heard about the chance to collaborate with Round Boy Roasters, and wait… did we mention that they themselves are leisure cyclists too? What better way to connect, and offer everyone this exclusive beans that they have sourced from Mexico, and roasted specially for all our Velo Velo customers.

Apart from just the whole coffee beans itself, we know that many of you are slowly venturing out to do more bike touring and exploration. So what’s a better way to enjoy the scenery and having a nice cuppa coffee, which you can easily pack and make when you decide to stop and have a break. Sometimes the nearest cafe still might be some distance away, why not enjoy what you have at that moment?

What can you expect from the Velo exclusive beans? It is called 'Mexican Bella Vista Altura', a single origin bean, and medium roasted. You can brew it in various ways, and it is tasty whether hot or with ice. 

You can find the taste of caramel, dried peaches, melon rinds, caramelised lime peel with hints of strawberries. More importantly, it is tangy and sweet just like Jon!

You can purchase your Velo Exclusive Beans here.

New to coffee brewing? We have coffee recipe for 5 different brewing methods that you can follow.