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      To measure:
      1. Wrap a measuring tape around your hand at the knuckles and make a fist. This is your hand width measurement.
      2. Measure from the base of your hand at the wrist to the tip of your longest finger. This is your hand length measurement.
      3. The chart below is a guide. Please allow for some variation based on your fit preference. If you like more room in your glove fit, we recommend sizing up.
      Size Hand Width Hand Length
      > 7" / > 18cm
      > 6.75" / > 17.5cm
      7-8" / 17.5-20cm
      6.75-7" / 17.5-18cm
      8-9" / 20-23cm
      7-7.5" / 18-19cm
      9-9.75" / 23-24.5cm
      7.5-7.75" / 19-20cm
      9.75-10.5" / 25-27cm
      7.75-8.25" / 20-21cm