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Article: Chapeau De Velo Velo ----- Calvin Sim

Chapeau De Velo Velo ----- Calvin Sim

Chapeau De Velo Velo ----- Calvin Sim

Tell us more about yourself!
Calvin Sim 01

I grew up as an obese kid and started MTBing when I was 15 years old.
Cycling was a great equalizer that allowed me to cycle and keep up with my friends.
The best thing after the rides was the food that we will get, i.e., like Prata and other Singaporean food after cycling. YUM!
My first dabble into serious cycling was with the OCBC team in 2009. A group of 10 was selected to train and race with high-performance support from the Singapore sports institute.
That helped us set the pathway, producing a lot of the local riders like Dinah Chan and Goh Choon Huat.
I was introduced to track cycling in 2011, km, and I was invited to the Winter Grand Prix track race in Perth. It was a fun experience, but sadly I didn't manage to continue with track cycling due to school and NS commitments.
The OCBC team disbanded in 2014, which led to another try on the track, which continued till today.

Share with us what are you currently doing right now amidst this pandemic?
Calvin Velo Group Photo
I am thankful that I can still train indoors on zwift, albeit lesser volume, and with some core/bodyweight exercises.
I spend my time volunteering to circuit breaker buddies and "We are Hopefull SG initiatives." This initiatives is to support less privileged children and their families amidst the COVID- 19 situation.
From these wonderful initiatives, I learn and gain a lot, and I hope to use cycling/sports to give back as much as I can to the community.
National Team

During the circuit breaker, I was involved with a pilot program with Team Singapore. We mentor students from disadvantaged backgrounds, providing care and support for these youth to feel less alone and be more hopeful for the future to come.

Through this program, I managed to meet a few like-minded people and athletes who started another meaningful project called We are Hopefull. Hopefull creates, gathers, and provides engaging educational resources for children and youths from less privileged communities by collaborating with a network of local expertise.

These educational resources complied in the box called Tinker, targeted at children 3-14 years old. Tinker comprise of activities and material with various themes. From science models to crafts to comic books. The goal is to bridge the resource divide and make holistic learning available to all. Read here for more info: (

2nd half of 2020! What can we expect from you guys? any more races? Tell us more! how can we cheer for u?

Sadly, I don't think traveling out of Singapore will be allowed for this year. It would be quite hard to ensure the safety of the participants during the mass start events.
I will take this extra time to work on weaknesses like strength and tactical aspects that I won't be able to address during a normal season. Hopefully, it will reap some rewards when we get back into racing.
But I do hope that there would be some local races in sg during phase 3? And very much looking forward to riding the boards and pinning on the number again.

Chapeau Zwift ride with fans? 

Yea sure! Haha looking forward to riding in a group! Phase 2, groups of 5? Anyone can join and ride together.

We wish you all the best! whats for 2021?
Velodrome Calvin

Thank you, I am aiming to qualify and finish my first track world cup in the coming 2021 that will lead up towards the main goal.
The main goal is a podium in Asian games 2022, which will be my final race.

Anything to say to our Velo Velo friends/fans out there?

Thank you to all our front liners, health workers, and all the heroes behind the scenes.
A big thank you to Velo Velo friends/fans out there who support the local businesses during these unprecedented times.
Your support means a lot to the local cycling community, and I look forward to seeing you on the trails and roads soon.
Thank you, Calvin!

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