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    Fingerscrossed Socks

    Earth Hour is to remind us how we can be environmentally conscious of our blue planet. Here at Fingerscrossed we use a special yarn for our socks.


    Fingerscrossed socks do not compromise on design and performance. The parts of heel and toes offer a triple strengthening to grant comfort and long durability. By using PROLEN®YARN we offer the best features for cycling socks.

    To produce one kg of cotton, you can use up to 11.000 liters of water. To produce and color Prolen, you do not use a drop of water.  Usually, in countries where they plant cotton, people suffer from lack of water plus lack of food because the fields where they could grow food are used for planting cotton. Also, cotton and other types of yarns are usually dyed on the surface, that means that the dyes can migrate to your skin plus to the rivers after being washed, The dyeing process of cotton (for example for jeans) and other types of yarns destroys rivers.