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Article: Chapeau De Velo Velo ---- Nathaniel Yang (OneBike Asia)

Chapeau De Velo Velo ---- Nathaniel Yang (OneBike Asia)

Chapeau De Velo Velo ---- Nathaniel Yang (OneBike Asia)

Tell us a little bit about yourself:

Hi guys, I'm Nathaniel, you can call me Nat. Some of you might recognise me from my days at Chapter 2 Cycles. I was the mechanic for Chapter 2 Cycle for about 12 to 13 years before I decided to venture out and start OneBike Asia (@onebikeasia). Having my own place and starting my own business was always my dream since I started cycling 18 years ago. 

Nat OneBike Asia Shop Front

What sparked your interest in cycling? 

Like most of us, friends got me started into cycling as a leisure weekend hobby, and soon before I realised, it became a part of my everyday life. It was fun, and help took my mind off work, and gave me a sense of freedom that I wanted to share with others. Back then, with Ben Cheong, we started regular group rides from Ang Mo Kio where we were based. From there on, the love for solving everything bike related issues gradually helped me to start OneBike Asia. 

Couple of years back, a chanced meeting with Christian from Para Cycling Federation of Singapore led me to join their team as a volunteer mechanic, many of which are run fully by volunteers from different platforms at that time.  

 Nat OneBike Asia Cert

What motivated you to become a volunteer with them?

Because, it was just something that I got out of riding, and being able to explore places I don't usually get to go, and experiencing different terrains such as the mountains in Taiwan. I wanted to be able to share these experiences with others, and also as a way to give back to the sport. 

What was your most memorable event throughout the years of volunteering for Para Cycling Federation?

That is a tough question. Having travelled along with the team for the Para Sea Games and Para Asian Games, I would have to say the most memorable one would be the first as I got to travel with cyclists like Ang Kee Meng, Calvin Sim, Sarah Tan as well as other para athletes Emily Lee and Jackson.

During the Para Asian Games, we had the opportunity to stay in a Sport Village, which was a first for me. We got to meet bigger, stronger teams of para athletes teams from various countries like China, Japan and Korea. I had an equally memorable experience for both events. 

I thank my ex-boss Ben Cheong for guiding me into cycling as a sport and into this industry. I met many good friends along the way through cycling, and Calvin Sim was one of them. Although I was already good at cycling at that point, I found my calling as a bicycle mechanic as I felt I could never attain their level of cycling (laughs). 


What is your choice of apparel when it comes to cycling?

My priority when it comes to apparel choice ever since I started cycling has always been comfort and cutting. Most of the time, what you pay is really what you get. I may choose a lower price range for my group set, tires or wheels, but I would advise anyone who is into serious cycling to consider proper good quality items for helmets, bibs and jerseys as these are items with the most direct contact with your body, which are essential for a comfortable ride. 

My favourite brand for cycling bibs for the past 7, 8 years is ASSOS of Switzerland, which in my opinion is the benchmark of quality for bibs. For jerseys, there is a wide range of choices for various body types. Although I am not really fussy, as long as their cutting is the right fit for me. Cutting for jerseys is everything, just like how important it is to have a nicely fitted shirt, material quality being second. Velocio is my top choice for jerseys, as their cutting fits me best. 


How do our interested readers engage in services of OneBike Asia?

 Nat OneBike Asia Repair work Hands on

We are active on social media, with most of our contact details on our website at We are also reachable via our Whatsapp, email, messenger (FB), DM, PM. Do check out our FB (@OneBikeAsiaSG) , IG (@onebikeasia) for frequent updates. 

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