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Article: A Gift Guide for the Cyclists in your life

A Gift Guide for the Cyclists in your life
Active wear

A Gift Guide for the Cyclists in your life

Gifting. It’s sometimes an art.

 As we start 2019, Velo Velo Singapore brings you a small gift guide. But first, let all of us, the team here at Velo Velo, wish everyone a happy new year. We hope the guide will provide you ideas for your loved one (and if you’re lucky, maybe you too).

Christmas ain't over. Christmas celebration never ends on Boxing Day, good ole 12 days of Christmas carol ( has been on repeat over here with us.

Let him or her stand out from the crowd. 

Alba Optics design iconic sunglass and marry them with the latest modern technology. The brand offers a beautifully designed product  to wear and totally functional from a technical point of view.  Their range of offering is huge, with colour popping neons, to TONE collection with 3 comfortable colour tint, making it versatile for both the wee morning and night rides that we do in Singapore.

Alba Optics Delta GF Pink Darkside sunglasses (SGD219)

Alba Optics Delta Mr Green sunglasses (SGD219)


Yes, #Sockdoping is as real as it gets.

The easiest way to up the ante with the overall look is through socks. Each pedal revolution only serves to emphasis the choice of socks. While traditionalists will stand by “White is Pro”, we noticed over the years the increasing number of riders popping flashy colourful socks. Help his or her personality shines through with the gift of socks.


ASSOS Holy White Gt Socks (SGD22)

Defeet Doughtnut Process Blue (SGD18)


It’s a Lifestyle, We are all made of Cycling.

Be it relaxing on a rest day or pedaling a leisure commute, we cyclists want to be able to show our commitment to cycling while off the bike. Do you notice your cycling friend giving a secret nod of approval to the guy wearing a cycling T-shirt or carrying the ever iconic musette bag. The camaraderie is strong. The Afterall, cycling doesn’t really leave us, does it?  


Assos Black "Made in Cycling" T-shirt  (SGD65)

Pedal Mafia Musette Bag (SGD22) 


It’s true. Some jerseys that hide our festive weight gain better.

Diet plans were temporarily shelved for the festivity, we are guilty as charged. Cycling kit designers are also humans, and not all of them have skinny stick insect-like bodies. Most of them deploy clever designs, adding coverage or contours to where it needs to be. A tip will be to choose darker colours around the tummy, and fabric that stretches more around the waist line. (But wait, this is still not an excuse for them to overindulge yah, do remind them if they are overeating)


Velocio Men's Army Tricolour (SGD210) Assos Cento Evo 8 jersey (SGD305) featuring Sens Classic Tex fabric used on the arms and the bottom part of the front panels.


Gift the lifesaver, bonking is really horrible.

While it's common sense for most cyclists to fuel before rides, most tend to forget to replenish depleted glycogen stores, driving themselves into the much dreaded “hitting a wall”. As the saying goes, ‘if you’re hungry, it’s too late’. These clean natural Lucho Dillitos energy bars have proven very useful for us at Velo Velo. You never know but this might be the lifesaver your friend will thank you for.


Lucho Dillitos Raspberry (SGD2.50)


Save money, preserve the performance of his or her cycling kit.

Yes, cycling kit doesn’t come cheap. Our advice is always to hand wash each of your kit. Also, regular detergents can sometimes damage the technical fabric used.  Delicate on elastic fibers and pH neutral, ASSOS Active Wear Cleanser neutralises odours, enhances textile breathability and maintains sharp colour sublimation. (A compact 300ml size is ideal for traveling.)

ASSSO Active Cleaner- 300ml


Lastly, if you are still undecided, and want pure flexibility, a gift card will solve your headache. Choose from denominations as low as $10 and you don’t need to worry about expiry dates. Shop at , free local shipping and overseas orders above SGD200 will qualify for free shipping.

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