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Article: Staying at home during Covid-19? The struggle is real

<b>Staying at home during Covid-19? The struggle is real</b><b><br /></b>

Staying at home during Covid-19? The struggle is real


Bars are closing and there are no movie screenings to go to. Gathering of more than 10 people is not allowed and most clubs have canceled their social rides. The good news is that we are still able to ride abide in groups of 10 or less and cafes are still open. 

Amidst the Covid-19 and global reactions, this phrase keeps coming back to me - tough times don’t last; tough men do. Cyclists are some of the toughest people around. We love to tackle mountains and break our own speed records. After all, that’s what Strava is for. So instead of looking at what we cannot do, here’s a list of things we can do to get stronger.

Ideas to even out that boredom


Time to get that pain cave. Approval from the partner should be easy as this is definitely a necessity and you need it to de-stress! Yes, the struggle from boredom during the stay at home is real. An outlet to de-stress is critical.  

New to Zwift? Here’s a list of riders to follow: 

  1. Donaben Goh (Our national rider, follow at your own risk but he promises to do more base rides)
  2. Nat OneBikeAsia (OneBike Asia Boss, usually rides at night. Good for racers)
  3. Entro SG (Entro bicycle shop, a good pace for most riders)
  4. Jon Chua (Fair warning: I’m slow but steady - I think. You’re welcomed to say hi anytime)

Improve your core and flexibility for better cycling 

Having a strong core is so important. How often do people complain about lower back pain or stiff shoulders? It’s because we tend to exert our backs to pedal instead of having our core work for you. Cycling long distances train your endurance and stamina. However, being in that position for extended hours also keeps your muscles tense. As much as we want to get off that saddle to enjoy a nice cold brew, always remember to stretch. Stretch almost immediately after your workout, while your muscles are already warmed up.

For core and flexibility exercises, we encourage you to take advantage of the many free online workout videos.

Eat healthy

My wife works with many scientists who are researching viruses and vaccines. There are many types of viruses in the air at any point in time. Yet we don’t necessarily get sick from every one of them. The key factors are the concentration of the viruses and also the person’s immunity. So you know what to do. Start incorporating healthy options like adding more vegetables and fresh fruits to your diet. I recall that episode of panic buying at the supermarkets during the feared lockdowns - people bought toilet paper, beer etc but left the broccoli. The moral of the story is to incorporate healthy options.


The mall experience is not only a way to pass the time but importantly a chance to feel the fabrics, test it against your own bodyshape etc. But hey, we want you to be responsible and abide by the government’s regulations. That’s why Velo Velo is making shopping easier for our customers to choose the right size for them. Look out for our improved size recommendation guide. Also, we allow exchanges where possible in the wrong sizes. 

Watch out and take advantage of the various promotions that are on offer now!

Netflix and GCN

Remember all the videos you told yourself to watch next time. It’s now or never. Time to catch up on all the GCN videos and download the GCN app. Submit all the photos and put our country on their radar! Finally, learn what everyone is talking about when they type “I love CLOY.”

So guys, stay safe, be responsible and listen to the government. See you on ZWIFT! 

Jon C

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