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Velocio is a let’s-look-at-this-differently brand. We ponder what’s possible for design, color, trim and fabrics, for the models in our marketing, for the final products we create, for the products that bridge across cycling into real world adventure, real world experience and real world performance.

With all this in mind, we work to push past preconceptions.

Velocio is for people looking for beautiful clothing that performs really well, clothing that says “Hello” when you pass by, and that extends the experience of cycling. We’re looking to increase the size of the tent that holds the cycling tribe, to become a more inclusive sport that’s bent less on secret handshakes and costumes, more on the feeling of riding.

We love cycling – all of cycling: its simple days and its powerfully epic rides. We love its incredible sense of community. Our clothing is an extension of that love, a chance to improve the experience of every pedal stroke.

We’re proud of our collection, proud of its origins and process. Through our beginnings, we’ve been asked questions that harbor a bit of expectation on how a cycling brand should behave,

Do you really think there’s a market for that? 

We do. If by that you mean beautiful clothing, an inclusive culture and a responsibly made product.