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Cancer is something very personal to us at Velo Velo. We have witnessed our loved ones fighting it bravely. Some have conquered it and others have not. We like to remember that Cancer doesn't just affect the one victim, everyone around is involved in the battle. 

Below is something personal from Team Velo:

"I vividly recall the week of my mum's first chemo. The drug hardened her veins and it took at least 6 tries to get the needle in. Mum is a person who can withstand pain and she described it as burning liquid coursing through you. As if to add insult to injury, I saw patches of hair on her pillow. Tears streamed down my eyes, knowing that this woman who was very proud of her hair was losing it to C. Both mum and I cried together when I brought her to have her hair shaved off. As if pain from the operation or the chemo wasn't enough. C had to take my mum's dignity away too.

Cancer is like the unknown vigilante, a terrorist if you may. You never quite know when it'll strike. The fight against cancer has been an on-going one at Velo Velo. Mother, uncle, aunty, classmate, friend... People closest to us have been attacked by this terrorist. And while the patients are in pain, so are the caregivers. Except for them, it is emotional pain."

Join Team Velo Velo in our campaign - F[i]ght [Can]cer. Join our community ride** or do your bit by sporting our products below. Like our limited edition F[i]ght [Can]cer bottle, socks and bicycle headset cap. Funds raised will go towards a Cancer Support Fund administered by TOUCH Community Services. This will benefit low income cancer patients.

Remember that in your darkest moment of despair, there's someone who has your back. Together, lets F[i]ght [Can]cer!

More details on Team Velo's community ride here

How to Support Us

Our Target is $90,000 and we are doing a few things to achieve it.

1) Purchase our merchandise here

  • 100% of the proceeds from the bottle, headset or socks go towards this fund.
  • 70% of the proceeds from the jerseys goes towards this fund.

2) Join us for our ride as a fund-raiser on 07.01.17

- Each participant are encourage to raise a minimum sum of $700


- Fully Supported Long-Distance Ride on the 7 Jan 2017 with like-minded people.

3) Online Donation through the GIVEAsia Portal

Support a friend in his journey! or set up your own GIVEAsia Fund-raising page to rally your friends & colleagues behind you! 

4) Offline Donation via Cheque

Cheque Donations can be mailed to TOUCH Community Services. Please follow the steps below

- Please make payable to "TOUCH Community Services Limited" 

- write the reference: FightCancer2017 on the rear of the cheque

- Mail it out using the downloadable business reply envelope 

( If you would prefer to use your own envelope: address it to "Community Relations, TOUCH Community Services, 162 Bukit Merah Central #05-3545 S150162" )